DCFF 2017 Opening Ceremony


生如高粱, 死如烈酒

Adapted From Nobel Prize Laureate Mo Yan’s Novel Performed by Qingdao Song and Dance Theatre Presented by: Davis Chinese Film Festival Foundation and Confucius Institute at UC Davis

Winner of the WENHUA Grand Prize, China’s Ministry Of Culture’s highest award for Professional Arts, Red Sorghum is a reflection of Shandong’s unique culture and the strong character of its people as it delves into the meaning of life, passion, resilience, living life and dying as strong as the liquor made from Old World sorghum cereal grass. According to the novel, Mr. Zhang Yimou shot the movie Red Sorghum. Combining the novel and the movie, this dance drama shows the villagers’ courage and bravery fighting against the Japanese occupation.

诺贝尔文学奖获得者莫言同名小说改编, 第十届中国艺术节“文华大奖”获奖剧目, 青岛市歌舞剧院50位专业演员尽情奉献