Davis Chinese Film Festival
California International Film Festival

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California International Film Festival
Davis Chinese Film Festival

September 10 ~ October 14, 2017
Sacramento & Davis, USA


Opening Ceremony, and film submission deadline

09/11/2017 ~ 10/14/2017
Film Screening

10/14/2017 Closing ceremony
1:00 Presentation
2:00 Roundtablr Discussion
3:00 Awarding Ceremony and Closing Ceremony
4:00 Reception

Location: UCDavis International Center
463 California Ave #3140, Davis, CA 95616

2016 DIFF/DCFF Awards Winners

About DCFF

Davis Chinese Film Festival (DCFF) is hosted by Davis Chinese Film Festival Foundation (DCFFF). DCFFF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which was estabilished in January 2014. The EIN of DCFFF is 46-4735828. All staff at DCFFF are volunteers.


• To develop friendship between peoples of the United States and China, and to become an annual celebration event to make Davis a better community to live in
• To encourage creative activities to the highest standards. In the meantime, to create opportunities for collaboration in the Sino-US film industry

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